• Korus V600 Review


    PROS / This is one of the best-sounding wireless speakers on the market.

    CONS / It's not compatible with Android smartphones.

    VERDICT / The sound quality and unique connection options make this one of the best wireless speakers you can buy to wirelessly stream music from a PC or an Apple device.

    The Korus V600 is a wireless speaker that uses SKAA wireless transmission to stream music from another device, such as a smartphone or tablet. It features exceptional sound quality, and it is very easy to use. For its simple design and excellent performance, the Korus V600 is our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner.

    Korus V600
    1. The lowest frequency the speaker can produce.
      Hertz (less is better)
    2. 3 Korus V600
      80 Hertz
    3. 45 Hertz
    4. 45 Hertz
    5. Category Average
      54.17 Hertz


    The Korus V600's sound is nuanced and detailed. When we listened to Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" album, we heard a clarity and depth in the trumpet and brushed snare that is rare in a wireless speaker. The V600 doesn't have the strongest bass response, and when we listened to Coldplay's "Violet Hill," we occasionally wished for a bit better articulation on the bass runs. However, unless you have listened to some seriously expensive audio equipment, you likely won't even notice it. This is unequivocally the most well-balanced wireless speaker we reviewed, and one of the best-sounding wireless speakers you can buy.


    This speaker uses the SKAA connection method, which is exclusively designed for audio. SKAA is similar to Bluetooth, but it has a wider bandwidth, which results in better audio quality. Additionally, SKAA has a range of 65 feet, compared to just 33 feet for Bluetooth.

    Because few devices support SKAA themselves, you have to plug a small dongle into your iPhone's Lightning port or into the USB port of your PC or Mac. This baton instantly streams sound to the Korus V600 from any of those devices. Unfortunately, there are no batons currently optimized for Android devices, so this speaker will not be compatible with any Android smartphones.

    Unlike many wireless sound systems, The V600 doesn't require you to go through an app to stream music from your device. Instead, just like a Bluetooth speaker, the Korus V600 acts as an extender of your device speakers. Every bit of audio that you play on your device is streamed to the speaker. It also has a 1/8-inch auxiliary input, so you can always just plug straight into it.

    This Korus speaker does not have an optical or RCA input, like some of the other top wireless speakers. With this unit, your wired connection options are limited to a 1/8-inch auxiliary input.


    The design is clean and minimalistic. A black plastic grill covers the drivers. This speaker has a pair button, a power button, a mute and two volume buttons. All the controls feel sturdy and substantial.

    One of the best things about the Korus V600 is its wide soundscape. This means that, even when you're listening to the speaker from the side, the sound is still full. Korus accomplishes this with a speaker grill that is curved out. This adds to its ability to easily fill a room with sound.

    Normally, you plug this speaker into a wall outlet; however, you can also power the speaker with six D batteries, and it will last an estimated 90 hours. So, you could take the V600 camping, to the beach, on a road trip, or really wherever you wanted to go, without having to worry about a power supply.

    Help & Support

    Korus offers email and phone support, as well a FAQs section on its website. The representative we spoke to was friendly and knowledgeable about the product. Korus also offers a one-year warranty with the V600.


    The Korus V600 is the most uniquely designed product we reviewed. The SKAA wireless protocol offers an interesting mix of stable sound quality with the convenience of a simple pairing system. It's not compatible with Android devices, but the smart SKAA protocol and the excellent sound quality combine to make this one of the best wireless speakers on the market.

    Korus V600